How to Use iPhone Care Pro

iPhone Care Pro is an all-in-one iOS SystemCare tool that equipped with 9 powerful functions:
Basic Preference Settings, 365 Care, Deep Cleanup, Files Manager, Fix iOS Stuck, Repair iOS, Ads Remover, iTunes Extractor, iCloud Extractor, and Backup & Restore. Click the corresponding function below to get a clear idea about how to use these features.

Repair iOS

How to Repair corrupted iTunes Media Files & iOS System File

iTunes can't read content of your iPhone? iPhone can't boot properly due to system files loss/corrupted? Repair iOS can easily help you fix corrupted iTunes media files & iOS system file. Run iPhone Care Pro after installing. Connect your device with the computer. Select “Repair iOS” and follow steps below:

repair ios


Fix iTunes Media: Click “Start” next to “Fix iTunes Media” and you can see the types of iTunes media issues iPhone Care Pro will help you. Make sure your iTunes is closed and click “Fix iTunes Media Files Now” to start the repair process. After the repairing, you can open your iTunes and sync your data as you want.

 fix itunes media file  itunes can't read content of iphone

If you still have those iTunes media issues after the repairing, click “Deep Repair” to fix your iTunes media files more deeply.

  itunes can’t recognize iphone

Repair Operating System: Click “Start” next to “Repair Operating System” and you will see the following window, just click on "Next". You can selectively backup your data before repairing to avoid unexpected data loss.

repair operating system

Step 1 (Optional): You are optionally to put your iOS device into Recovery Mode, which can let the repairing process more deeply.

fix corrupted ios file

Step 2: Then the software will offer an official URL to you to download the firmware package compatible with your device. Simply copy the URL and paste it in any browser to download. After this, click Next.

repair corrupted operating system file

Step 3: In the next window, click "Browser" to select and import the downloaded firmware into iPhone Care Pro and then click on "Next" to proceed.


Step 4: Then the operating system fix will start. Please remember that do not do anything with your device. The operating system repair process will finish within several minutes.

fix corrupted operating system file

Phone User Tips: Here you can get the latest and most useful tips and tricks for using iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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